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If You’re On an Overnight Train to Moscow, Don’t Look Out the Windows

I’m a businessman that regularly commutes by train between Warsaw and Moscow. I could fly, but I’ve found that taking an overnight train allows me to do far more work while traveling. If you factor in the cost of a night in a hotel, it costs about the same as a flight. I hopped aboard…

I’m investigating her husband. He’s doing something way worse than cheating.

I’ve been working as a private investigator based out of Portland Maine for a few years now, so when a woman came in requesting that I trail her husband to find out if he was cheating, it was nothing new. When a marriage has gotten to the point that they’re calling in private investigators, it’s…

I’ve Been Flying for Almost Thirty Hours and the Flight Attendants Won’t Stop Crying

Thirty hours ago I hopped on a late-night flight from New York heading to Los Angeles. After boarding I saw that I had an entire row to myself. Take off passed without incident, and soon I was stretched out for a nap across the row. I slept for a few hours, I don’t know how…

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