James Worchester

James Worchester is a horror, sci-fi, and YA author. He currently lives in the mountains of the western United States. He enjoys writing all sorts of fiction, though he specializes in short horror stories.

James' short stories have been read more than a million times on forums like Reddit, receiving more than 60,000 'upvotes'. He has also received over a million views on YouTube where horror narrations using his works are extremely popular.

James is focusing on building a thriving base of readers through these public forums while working towards traditional publication. His novella "The Journal Found at the South Pole" has received stellar reviews on both Goodreads and Amazon.

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"This was so well written, with just the right amount of haunting suspense and well-developed characters! Looking forward to reading more!."

— Penny Perry

"I found another story from this author on Reddit and quickly read through every short story on his website until all that was left was a link to this novella. I enjoyed it immensely! I don't usually find a good balance of character development, suspense, and an adrenaline rush in a novella but this story had an excellent balance and left me excited to read more from this author!"

— Amazon Reviewer

"The Journal Found at the South Pole made my hair stand on end and that disturbing feeling of dread wind itself through my core for the entire night. I cannot wait to see what other masterpieces are to come."

— Diana the Frijole